Filming with Dreams in the city/LND to LA

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Miscellaneous, Portrait
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As it seems my first job with my new fabulous Canon 5D happen to be filming. I was very exited and nervous to do this though I haven’t filmed before except with my little pocket camera. But with help from the wonderful crew involved everything went great. Now we just waiting for the editing and cuts to be made before we can see the finished trailer. In the meanwhile here are some still images from the shoot.

Make-up artist Asa Check out her website at

The Crew!!!            The  film crew and some of the cast members: Sam, Gillian, Maria, Adam, Josh and Luke

The Cast Members

Kiri & Maria

Sam & Asa

Gillian & Alex

Sam at Cosmopolitan Magazine


Exiting film shoot with Cosmopolitan Magazine


Sam In the office of Cosmo’s editor Louise Court.

Check out Sam’s Fashion Blog at


Some Images from the trailer

Two little cuties borrowed for a scene in the trailer


Asa on a shopping spree outside Selfridges

Alex Loves Boys!!!

To find out more about the show and follow its progress please go to:

  1. Blog is looking great and the stills of the shoot to look great.

    Look forward to what’s in store!

    Keep up the good work Charlotte,


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