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Another year has gone. Why are they ending so quickly now days…

Well. A good thing with  a New Year is all the positive energy we usually feel when a new year is ahead of us. It’s like a new start. All the resolutions and promises we make. All things we not gonna postpone any longer and finally deal with. New goals and the never ending  saying  that “next year’s gonna be so much better” : )

If we take all that energy and at least accomplish  half of whats on our “list” I think we can be really proud of ourselves.  Me myself gonna try hard to fulfil my goals this year. One of them is to continue to fill this blog with images I hope you will enjoy.

Thank you all for  supporting me  and I hope you will follow me into 2011

Happy New Year



Posted: December 30, 2010 in Portrait

Christmas is now over and only one more day is left until a brand new year full with surprises and experiences starts. I had the pleasure to celebrate my christmas day with a beautiful little baby boy belonging to my good friend. I hope you all had a good christmas too.

Lets bring in the New Year.

Love is in the air!!!

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Portrait

They say Love is in the air when it’s spring  time, but what is more cozy  than snuggle up close to somebody you like a cold winter day. Those days are just made for some TLC.  This photo  shoot over the weekend  with actress Jodie Miller and her boyfriend combined all of  it together and we got some beautiful images.

Jodie is featured  in the movie Chatroom,  directed by Hideo Nakata with  UK previews on the 22nd December and officially out on the 26th December.