Eryka Badu

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Event, Portrait

I had the pleasure to hear and see Eryka Badu spinning records at East Village in London the other week.  Well , selecting tunes on her laptop is more accurate. : ) but of course with  a lot of  scratching and mixing on turntables.  She was amazing.  The music was great and she even took tune now and again. The beats where heavy, raw and funky..

The fans who was there though was another story. Most of us ( and I count myself in there ) was cool and calm and listened, danced and enjoyed the music. But more than a handful acted  obsessed. Yes if it is a concert people tend to go crazy in the front but hey. the woman is DJing.  Shouldn’t you dance and enjoy yourself rather than standing in the front, starring at her for 2 1/2 hours and don’t let anybody else even have the slightest chance to take a pix or two. It was a hassle I have to admit. They where rude and thinking you would take their  spot and not leave again even though you politely explained you just wanted to take a couple of pictures. Despite evil looks and huffs & puffs I did manage to snap a few .

Eryka Badu East Village DJ Funky Ann Charlotte Photography cool beautiful

Eryka Badu East Village DJ Funky Ann Charlotte Photography cool Beautiful The event was organised by The Doctor’s orders. Check their website for more upcoming shows.

  1. tezzi says:

    Vilka skitsnygga bilder!!! You go girl- kärlek

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