The Miss London competition took place the weekend before last at Cafe’ de Paris and 23 exited girls where competing for the title.  It was a full house and everyone in the venue seemed to have a good time.                                                                                                         

This years winner of  Miss London was 21 year old Rissikat Bade from South London and she was given the crown by 2010 winner of Miss England Jessica Linley.                                                                   Runner up for the title was Margarita Nasarento. She will have another chance to enter the Miss England final if she winns the semi final, held at Champneys spring Monday the 13th June. Marwa Hamdi came on 3rd place.                                                                 

Other titels on the night was Miss Charity won by Rachael Does Remedios & Miss Popularity London won by Stephanie Lincoln.

The Grand Final of  Miss England will be held on the weekend of 18th-19th July at Birmingham Hilton Metropole.

Miss London 2011 was organised in association with and to raise awareness for the three charities  Hope For Children, Help For Heroes and Make-A-Wish Foundation. To help Miss London with donations follow this link to their fundraising page. 




MissLondon,winner2011.Rissikat Bade,AnnCharlottePhotography,Cafe' de paris, beauty, fashion,Miss England, Jessica Linley

MissLondon,2011.RissikatBade,AnnCharlottePhotography, catwalk,fashion,beauty,Miss England, Jessica Linley,dress

MissLondon,2011.RissikatBade,AnnCharlottePhotography,fashion,miss England, Jessica Linley, beauty, winner 2011, crown

MissLondon,2011.RissikatBade,AnnCharlottePhotography, cafe' de Paris, fashion, catwalk, beauty,

MissLondon,2011.RissikatBade,AnnCharlottePhotography, winner 2011, Cafe' de Paris,model, fashion, beauty

The winner of Miss London 2011 Rissikat Bade.


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