Satchmo & Honey, A Love Story

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Portrait
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A subject that is really close to my heart are animals and pets.  They are such a beautiful creatures no matter kind or species. (Ok , maybe we are not talking insects and other creepy stuff here  🙂 , and they bring a lot of positive and uplifting emotions.  I would love to work more with animals in the future. 

Satchmo, Male cat,

This is Satchmo. A very handsome male cat. He did not mind having his own portrait taken but when it came to the other portraits he was not having it. 

Satchmo, Male cat, Satchmo, Male cat,

As you can see he was not very cooperative and he did not wanna pose at all but we know he didn’t mind to much. And he was not harmed taking these pictures : )

The story of Satchmo and his love Honey is so touching and Inspiring.  They meet at Celia Hammond Animal Trust UK Rescue Shelters in October 2010. Satchmo was found with two other cats in a flat in Bethnal Green ,  three days after his owner went into a mental hospital.  He and the other cats was rescued and brought to the shelter where they where looked after by  caring staff . A few weeks later Honey got brought in to the shelter after being found giving birth to her kittens under a marque during a wedding taking place.  Satchmo and Honey got on really well from the start. They fell in love and has been inseparable ever since. Their new owner Sue got them in feb 2011 after visiting the shelter and saw them two all cuddled up together. They are now in a happy and secure home.

If you would like to sponsor an animal or donate to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust UK Rescue Shelters or be involved in any other way please get in touch with them through these links. 

Honey, female cat, Celia Hammond Animal Trust UK Rescue Shelters      This is Honey, a gorgeous female. She was curious of what was going on but would probably rather have liked to chill with Satchmo than looking pretty on a picture. 

Honey, female cat, Celia Hammond Animal Trust UK Rescue Shelters

Honey, Female Cat,  Celia Hammond Animal Trust UK Rescue Shelters

 I am currently working on my portfolio for pets & people so watch this space for more pet pictures soon.

If you would like a portrait taken with your pet contact me for information and rates on my contact page 


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