Elsie & Patsy in The Purple House

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Portrait
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In an amazing flat in London where everything (well almost everything)  is purple lives the two very happy lady cats Elsie and Patsy.



Their owners Will and Nina lost two other cats due to old age some years ago and everyone who has had a pet and lost if for whatever reason knows how hard and painful it is to lose a family member and almost everyone get that feeling that – that’s it, no more pets, its hurt too much when they’re gone. So was the case for Will and Nina as well so they said that – we are not getting another cat. But if a cat find us we will keep it. And funnily enough it didn’t take long before Elsie found her way to Will. He was sitting in a car waiting for a friend one day and there she was. A little kitten just a few months old and alone. She spotted him and got up in his lap.  After trying to search for the owner but without luck it was no hesitation. Elsie was coming home with Will.

Petsy came not long after Elsie. She was in a home where the owner didn’t have much time for her and someone else in the household was allergic so she could not walk around in the house as she pleased. Confined to only one room Nina could not stand it and as the kitten was showing a lot of affection for her when she visit her friend she asked to take her home.

They are now both 4 years old, very spoiled and living like princesses. 🙂


Will & Elsie


Patsy & Will


Patsy & Elsie

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