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I have always admirer people who dances. Their bodies both look and moves so beautifully. I did my attempt of dancing as well when I was younger and I was not bad, but just didn’t put the time and effort that’s needed, and it never became anything of it. A shame now when I look at myself and feel stiff and inflexible. Lol. I have promised myself I will take up those Zumba classes in 2012 though and should hopefully be back in shape eventually. : )

These images are of beautiful dancer and model Liane. Shot at the amazing venue “the drift” in Liverpool street. I once again worked with fabulous stylist Samantha Ria . Check out her blog for some fashion and styling tips and other fun stuff.

Dancer, Samantha Ria, blogger, Model, Beautiful, Butterfly, ballet, dress

Dress: Lola + Lola, Blouse: CiCi London, Tights: Topshop

Dancer, Samantha Ria, blogger, Model, Beautiful, Butterfly, ballet, dress, dressing room, lights, cosy

Dancer, Samantha Ria, blogger, Model, Beautiful, Butterfly, ballet, dress

Styling: Samantha Ria

Make Up: Tamara Tott

Model: Liane


I hope you all had a great Christmas.  It is still a few days left until the New Year is starting and I am finally having the time to sit down and get some images up from previous shoots. 

For this one I worked together with stylist and blogger Samantha Ria.  We where kindly offered to use the newly opened bar & restaurant , the drift  at Liverpool street station for our location. 

We wanted a twist of romance in a busy and modern enviroment.  

Street, Samantha Ria, Stylist, model, braid, the drift bar, London

Top: River Island,  Skirt: Primark,  Necklace: H&M,  Tights: BHS

fashion, dancer, ballet, Samantha Ria, Stylist, model, the drift bar, London, vintage, romance

Dress: Pussycat,  Necklace: Primark

Disco Diva, Samantha Ria, Stylist, wild, model, flowers, the drift bar, London

Dress:Orion,  Tights: BHS,  Shoes: Carvela

Street, Samantha Ria, Stylist, model, flowers, metallic , silver, basker, blue, grey, knitted, the drift bar, London

Hat: H&M,  Jumper: Matalan,  Shirt: Vintage

Styling:  Samantha Ria 

Make Up:  Tamara Tott 

Models: Petra & Liane


Big thanks again to Will and the drift bar & resturant at Liverpool street for use of their venue. ( The burgers there are so yummy by the way )