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The other week one of my favourite Swedish brands MONKI opened up it first flag-store in Carnaby street in London. Previously it had a little spot in department store Selfridges but has now this huge space over two floors.  I think this brand, who is owned by H&M have so much cool items so I decided to do a little fashion shoot with some of my own MONKI collection. 



T-shirt & leg warmers by Monki



Knitted West with turtle neck, T-shirt & socks by Monki. IKMO is a soft Monki friend. 


Skirt, belt & leg warmers by Monki


Top by Monki

Model: Michelle

Make Up and hair: Lauren J Wolf

Styling: me 


Sadly my planned Vintage shoot today with stylist Samantha Ria got postponed for a couple of weeks. Luckily I managed to put togheter another shoot spontaneously since I really wanted to do some new pictures. With help from MUA Lauren and model Michelle we got some great images. I am exited to start to edit them. In the meantime here are some behind the scenes pictures
Fashion shoot-Fashion-rock-MUA-Ann Charlotte Photography-London-Photographer

Fashion shoot-Fashion-rock-MUA-Ann Charlotte Photography-London-Photographer

Aaaah!!! The weather has been so nice in London for a couple of days now and it feels like spring is here even though we are only in February. It is only the naked trees that gives away the month though looking at the people I’ve seen lots of bare legs and T-shirts today.

This weather gives me so much inspirations and ideas and I just wanna shoot, shoot, shoot.
Any models,Muas,designers and stylist out there wanna do something crazy and creative please contact me. ūüėÄ


In UK they are celebrating pancake day today but where I’m from in Sweden we are celebrating something more delicious. Fettisdagen !! ( Fat Tuesday bun). On this day we are eating lots of what we called a semla. It’s a sweet bun with lots of cream and a bit of almond paste. Luckily we Swedes, and our fellow neighbours, have Scandinavian kitchen in London where we can go and eat this fabulous treat. I thought I’ll post a picture of it here.
The Images are taken by instagram and if you are on it you can follow me for random picture updates. Missanncharlotte is my instagram name.

Scandinavian kitchen is a great coffee shop / food store where you can find Swedish and other Scandinavian food we miss from home. Like Kalles kaviar and Marabou chocolate for example. It’s located very central in London on 61 Great titchfield street.



Happy Valentine

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 It is Valentines day  today. The ultimate day of Love.

Personally I think we should show the ones we care about how special they are everyday. Not only on valentine even though this is a good day to remind us. Images is a great way to memories feelings and occasions.  They will last a life time and will take us back to that special moments and how we felt. 

This images are from a couple shoot seminar me and my friend Cecelina @Cecelina Photography did late fall last year. We had a great time shooting and this couple where shining on every image.It was  a pleasure to work with them.  Karlek-Togheter-forever-sweethearts-true-Love-Ann Charlotte Photography-portrait Photographer-London Karlek-Togheter-forever-sweethearts-true-Love-Ann Charlotte Photography-portrait Photographer-London Karlek-Togheter-forever-sweethearts-true-Love-Ann Charlotte Photography-portrait Photographer-London Karlek-Togheter-forever-sweethearts-true-Love-Ann Charlotte Photography-portrait Photographer-London

If you are interested in a couple shoot please email me at for info

First of all I wanna say ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY D’ANGELO” since it happens to be his birthday today. 11/02/2012

I have ,with so many others dreamed about this day when my absolute favourite artist of all times D’Angelo decides to tour again. After being absent from the scene for over a decade with only guest appearances on other artists songs I could not have been more happy when late last year I saw that he announced 2 shows in Amsterdam for the end of January 2012. I was sitting like glue by my laptop the time and date they released the tickets. The demand for a comeback was huge and it did not take long before more dates was added in various countries in Europe. When the show for Brixton academy in London got booked I bought a ticket for that as well. How could I not? I have been waiting for this to happen for twelve years. If I could I would have gone to all of his shows. : )

Speculation about what he was gonna look like now, how he was gonna sound and even the suspicions if he was even gonna turn up circulated. But I knew. He was definitely coming back. And he did. Big time. His show was amazing. Ectatic with so much energy. He used such good musicians too. He had great guitarist Jesse Johnson ripping the place . On drums was Dave “Daddy” Dave and on bass legendary Pino Palladino and everybody else in his band called the Testimony where fantastic as well. D’Angelo did some new songs and old songs with a new twist. All in all 2 1/2 hours of pure genius. This is the best concert I’ve seen since the last one I saw he do in Stockholm Sweden 2000.

D’Angelo himself is somewhat of a human god. He is so talented. Musically & vocally. His voice gives you chills and he is so beautiful to look at it hurts. You could sense that the whole venue felt the same. He is every inch a star.

I did not bring my beloved Canon slr to his shows ( did not wanna have trouble coming in with a professional camera) but I did bring my little pocket camera for the gig in Amsterdam. My Olympus xz-1.

And here are some of the images from the show at the beautiful converted church Paradiso (which now is a legendary music and club venue in Amsterdam) on the 9th February 2012.