The fabulous bun called SEMLA!!! Fettisdagen

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Miscellaneous
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In UK they are celebrating pancake day today but where I’m from in Sweden we are celebrating something more delicious. Fettisdagen !! ( Fat Tuesday bun). On this day we are eating lots of what we called a semla. It’s a sweet bun with lots of cream and a bit of almond paste. Luckily we Swedes, and our fellow neighbours, have Scandinavian kitchen in London where we can go and eat this fabulous treat. I thought I’ll post a picture of it here.
The Images are taken by instagram and if you are on it you can follow me for random picture updates. Missanncharlotte is my instagram name.

Scandinavian kitchen is a great coffee shop / food store where you can find Swedish and other Scandinavian food we miss from home. Like Kalles kaviar and Marabou chocolate for example. It’s located very central in London on 61 Great titchfield street.




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