New Head shots / Portraits for actresses Jodie Miller and Georgina Leahy

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Portrait
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I took some new head shots / portraits for actresses Jodie Miller and Georgina Leahy recently.

Both these girls has a lot going on for them right now and 2012 will definitely be a great year for them.

Actress-Holby City- Chatroom-London-headshot-portrait

Jodie Miller is a young up and coming actress who already have been seen in various parts both in film and on TV. She had a part in Director Hideo Nakatas movie Chatroom in 2010 and has also appeared in the TV series Law and order UK as well as Holby City and various commercials.

actress-dancer-singer-girlsroc-twinkle twinkle-carnation twink-music-headshot-portrait-London

Georgina Leahy AKA Twinkle Twinkle is one of those multi talented people who can sing, dance and act. She is a part of the gorgeous fire breathing GirlsRoc and she is a member of the group Carnation Twink who is doing a lot of gigs at the moment. She has stared in Sony pictures ‘Sofia’s Diary’, played the lead in Mavericks Winter Secret” which got a standing ovation at Cannes film festival and starred in’partygirls’ which got global distribution by hbo, sundance channel and Studio canal. She performs in Michael Winterbottoms ‘King of Soho’ that is coming out 2013 starring Steve Coogan and Anna Friel and she is starring in the Psychological Thriller Sleep tight with Director Tom Stacey that is currently in edit.


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