Rain, Tears and RockN’Roll with a little Sunshine in between.

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Miscellaneous, Travel
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It looks like the rain we are experiencing  in London right now never is going to stop. Weeks and weeks of rain with the odd spells of a nice sunshine. I did have a little mini long weekend away in sunny and beautiful Fuerteventura recently to catch up with a longtime friend. It is an island in the gran canarias full of volcanos, rocks, dessert, beaches and lagoons. That was preetty amazing. It was very relaxing and let me charge my batteries and forced me to do nothing but to enjoy the lovely weather, food and nice company.

Another pretty amazing thing that happened recently was that the coolest blogger of all wedding bloggers, RockN’Roll Bride featured my Runaway bride shoot on her blog. 

Click the link to see it : )

I will put up a post with some of the Images here on my blog next. 

Ann Charlotte Photography_Beach_Lagoon_Island_Gran Canaria_rocks_waves_water_blue

Ann Charlotte Photography_Beach_Lagoon_Island_Gran Canaria_water_ocean_stones_ bicycle

Ann Charlotte Photography_Beach_Lagoon_Island_Gran Canaria_museum_tower_lighthouse

Ann Charlotte Photography_Beach_Lagoon_Island_Gran Canaria_lantern

Ann Charlotte Photography_Beach_Lagoon_Island_Gran Canaria_water_ocean_stones

Ann Charlotte Photography_Beach_Lagoon_Island_Gran Canaria_water_ocean_stones_bicycle

You can see more images of my trip to  Beautiful Fuerteventura on my Instagram  picture gallery. 


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