Yesterday  we Swedes here in London had our traditional midsummer celebration. Me and some friends went to Southwark park in Canada water  where the Swedish Church in London yearly organising an event. There we had  the rising of  the maypole and the singing and dancing around it (including the famous swedish  and yes it is for real : ) frog dance ” Sma Grodorna”) The park was full with swedes and non swedes with picnic blankets and food and all Swedish goodies like “snaps” and herring. On sale was also hot dogs and Strawberry cake. At one point the rain poured down but it did not stop people enjoying themselves. The classic pretty flower garland was seen on many. Here are a few pictures from the day. More pictures from this event can be seen on my Instagram.  

Folks music_folk costume_swedish_sweden_kids_flower garland_midsummer_event photographer_London_maypole_midsummer pole_ flower pole

Folks music_folk costume_swedish_sweden_kids_flower garland_midsummer_event photographer_London


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