Embla Gard with Lipgloss Fashion – The Story -Behind the Scenes

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Fashion
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A couple of weekends ago I flew over to Stockholm Sweden to do a shoot with fashion store Lipgloss Fashion. It was an amazing trip, a lot of fun but also very very hard work. But with a fantastic crew with a strong passion for our work we manage to conquer anything from flooding and rain to horses who found the grass much yummier than modelling for us. Team work is the key.

Day 1.

The location for our first day of shooting where at this adorable little stable called Embla Gard located in Dyvik a little bit outside Stockholm.  It is run by Pia Andreasson who was very generous and let us take over the stable for one day. I think the horses also got a bit exited over what was going on that day with the place filled up with clothes, make up, people and camera equipment. It was a bit livelier than usual. Since they where gonna be modelling for us Pia had washed and groomed them so they where shining and looking extra beautiful. 

Stable, stall. hastar, horses, Sweden, Pia Andresson

The cute stable at Embla gard in Sweden

Pia Andreasson, Embla Gard, sverige, sweden, horses, horse, stable, pet, adorable,

Pia and one of the beautiful horses

On our way to the stable we had to go through some flooded roads all while the rain was pouring down. Unfortunately i did not stop raining for the whole day. The sky was dark and we had mud up to our ears on occasion. Luckily there where times when it rained less so these were the moments we have to shoot quickly. 

mud, rubber wellies , gummi stovlar, lera, regn, vatten,

Behind-the -scenes, horses, fashion, fashion shoot, mud, stable, sweden, sverige, Liphgloss fashion, pet, hastar, animals, country, landet, land

Organising the set, not easy with yummy carrots laying around,

Mua, Elin Laine Make Up artist, model, fashion, fantasy, fantazy, crazy, colours

Elin working her magic Behind-the -scenes

It is always amazing how the muas and hairstylists can create wonders no matter the conditions when shooting on location . Here is our MUA ELIN LAINE working among saddles,snacks, a few bugs and a cat. 

hairstylist, fashion, model, sverige,

carrots, horses, horse, fashion, model, wellies, stable, sverige

Carrots are much more fun than modelling

Styling, stylist, model. fashion, make up, location , stable

trees, horses, fashion, model,

moodboard, mood board, inspiration, fashion,

Our Mood board

Creative team on day 1

Stylist: Liselott / Lipgloss Fashion   Make Up: Elin Laine    Hair: Christina Svedberg    Model: Jenny Ensgard   Assistants: Marie & Emma   Location: Embla Gard / Pia Andreasson

Go to Lipgloss Fashion website to check out some of the work from this shoot ( I will blog some later as well) 

Lipgloss fashion are celebrating One Year anniversary  this weekend and have a lot of surprises and discounts in store. If you are in Stockholm Sweden you should definitely pass by and mingle, check out whats new and do some bargains. And say hi to lovely Liselott while you are there too. : ) 

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