DJ Anarkali “Sweetie” Elektra – More Gold than Mr T?

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Fashion, Portrait
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She loves her gold. Super cute South London DJ Anarkali Elektra aka Sweetie with her roots from India blinging it up for our portrait shoot. 
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-6
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-11
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-4
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-5
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-9
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-8
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-12
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-13
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-1
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-3
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-2
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-15
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-7
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-10
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-16
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