Meeting Brooke Shaden and free hugs.

Posted: August 17, 2014 in art, Event, Fashion, Portrait
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A while ago I had the fantastic opportunity to meet a great photographer and a very big inspiration for me. Not just photographically but also mentally and spiritually. Brooke Shaden is her name and she is an amazing person. She gives a lot of herself and sharing a lot of “hugs” ( yes she loves to hug : )  and her knowledge, preferably barefoot. : )

Brooke came over to the UK and arranged for a meet up for a couple of hours while she was passing through London. It was quite a big group of us meeting up. It was a fun, relaxed evening. I consider myself quite outgoing but for some reason always get a bit shy in big groups and afterwards I always wish I spoke a little bit more or shot i little bit more. Don’t know why I always get like that but I am working on it.

I had a really great time and it was amazing meeting so much people with the same passion as I.
Thanks to everyone that was there and to the models for posing and posing to a bunch of photographers. And mostly Thanks to Brooke Shaden who made it happen. : )

Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-1 Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-3 Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-4

Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-5Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-2

Brooke Shaden herself. Such a surreal feeling photographing her. Amazing.




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