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Just a few images from a previous wedding I shot. Black & white, fine art style.Fine art- Wedding-Ann Charlotte Photography@2016-3Fine art- Wedding-Ann Charlotte Photography@2016-4Fine art- Wedding-Ann Charlotte Photography@2016-1Fine art- Wedding-Ann Charlotte Photography@2016-5Fine art- Wedding-Ann Charlotte Photography@2016-2

x Ann Charlotte
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I want to wish you all an amazing start of 2015 and a fabulous ending of 2014.

This year has been, well, overwhelming in so many ways. Not just for me personally but for many close to me and also in the world.

Next year I am planning to be more focused on my goals and what is important and also continue to grow as a person. I want to thank you all who are in one way or another following my journey and for your support, that without, I would not be where I am today. THANK YOU ALL and lets bring in the year of 2015 together with kindness and respect for each other and all living creatures on this planet.  : )

xx Ann Charlotte

New Year Wishes- 2014-Ann Charlotte Photography@2014-1

Model: Cecelina

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One of my biggest passion besides photography are animals. And when I have the pleasure to capture them on a photo I am the most happy. So I shot this beautiful couple and their three most amazing dogs, Champion, Magic and Apple  for some family portraits when I was in Stockholm , Sweden on my latest trip.

The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-14

It was so much fun and these babies where really good at posing. That was until their eyes caught the water fountain. Wow! After that it was just a circus with dogs and us in a mix all over the place. I even got a reminder I do need to up my skills in Yoga and flexibility though in the all the action I did a flying flip around. Could not have been pretty. lol

An Introduction to the four legged family members Р Magic is a 7 year old American Stafford Shire terrier. He loves to swim and dive into water and if you watch him closely  you can see how much he enjoys it with a big smile on his face. He is a real funny character and always draw peoples attention because of  his playful ways. He also loves to cuddle with his mum and dad.

Apple is Magics 4 year old daughter. Her mum is a Pitbull. She is a tough, feminine cookie with a lot of attitude. She is very athletic and also love to swim like her dad. Even though she could be a real diva at times she is so loving and caring and she is most happy when she sleeps in between her mum and dad.

Champion, the beautiful massive Rottweiler/Pitbull is soon 6 years old. He is a big softy who loves to cuddle and to give Apple kisses. He is a real clown with a lot of humour and loves to play with tennis balls , bathing and doing fun stuff.

The dogs “parents” Gigi and Dick loves animals and dogs in particular and are dedicating lots of time to them.

The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-2 The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-3 The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-4

The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-1Gigi looking amazing in a black  Ida Sjostedt dress and rubber wellies.

The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-6The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-5The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-7 The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-10The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-13The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-12The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-8The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-9The Dogs-family portrait - stockholm-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-11

Dick and Gigi also own and run a sports club in Stockholm called Fight Club where you can train Muay-Thai & Kickboxing. Everyone is welcome and the support is great. If you like a good sweat and live in Stockholm you should check it out. : D


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A while ago I had the fantastic opportunity to meet a great photographer and a very big inspiration for me. Not just photographically but also mentally and spiritually. Brooke Shaden¬†is her name and she is an amazing person. She gives a lot of herself and sharing a lot of “hugs” ( yes she loves to hug : ) ¬†and her knowledge, preferably barefoot. : )

Brooke came over to the UK and arranged for a meet up for a couple of hours while she was passing through London. It was quite a big group of us meeting up. It was a fun, relaxed evening. I consider myself quite outgoing but for some reason always get a bit shy in big groups and afterwards I always wish I spoke a little bit more or shot i little bit more. Don’t know why I always get like that but I am working on it.

I had a really great time and it was amazing meeting so much people with the same passion as I.
Thanks to everyone that was there and to the models for posing and posing to a bunch of photographers. And mostly Thanks to Brooke Shaden who made it happen. : )

Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-1 Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-3 Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-4

Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-5Brooke Shaden-Meet up-London-2014-Ann Charlotte Photography©-2

Brooke Shaden herself. Such a surreal feeling photographing her. Amazing.




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She loves her gold. Super cute South London DJ Anarkali Elektra aka Sweetie with her roots from India blinging it up for our portrait shoot. 
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-6
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-11
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-4
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-5
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-9
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-8
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-12
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-13
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-1
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-3
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-2
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-15
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-7
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-10
DJ Sweetie_AC Photography©2013-16
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I did a portrait session with a beautiful baby girl called Gabriella when I went to Sweden a little while ago. She has the most amazing blue eyes I have seen. She was a little bit grumpy in the beginning but playing with the flowers made her shine and laugh after a while.  As usual when photographing children you never know what mood they will be in or what they will do an that is always a great challenge. I enjoyed every second of it. 

Gabriella_Portrait_AC Photography©2013-6

Gabriella_Portrait_AC Photography©2013-3

Gabriella_Portrait_AC Photography©2013-4

Gabriella_Portrait_AC Photography©2013-2

Gabriella_Portrait_AC Photography©2013-1

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I have been a bad blogger lately, I know. Time has run away too quickly and it is almost summer. Unbelievable! 

All the flowers and trees are in bloom right now and it is beautiful outside. So is my model Georgina in this series of portraits with her and her beloved and coming of age Cat Sifa. 

Pink_Rose_AC Photography©_2013-6

Pink_Rose_AC Photography©_2013-7

Pink_Rose_AC Photography©_2013-3

Pink_Rose_AC Photography©_2013-1

Pink_Rose_AC Photography©_2013-4

Pink_Rose_AC Photography©_2013-5

Pink_Rose_AC Photography©_2013-8

Pink_Rose_AC Photography©_2013-2

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It is¬†Valentine’s day¬†today. ¬†February the 14th 2013.¬†

It is the day we are surrounded by Love in different shapes and shades.  My belief is to show love and tell your friends and family that you adore them all year around. Still this is a good day as ever to be reminded to let them know. 

For the whole of February I have put together a little offer for you on all my portrait sessions.  For any portrait sitting that you book in February  you will be given a £100 gift voucher to use towards your session. So cuddle up close with your pet, your baby, your loved one or your fabulous friends and let me capture that beautiful moment forever. 

Email me for rates and more information. 

xx Ann Charlotte 

Love-Love-Love-AC-Ann Charlotte-2013-1

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We are now a couple of weeks in in January and so far time has gone quick. Yesterday I went to the Societies Professional Image makers (SWPP) Convention at Hilton London Metropole. It was very inspiring and I got some new, fresh ideas for my albums. Especially weddings, engagement and couple shoots that I will push forward for 2013.

I have some exiting shoots coming up and also a few already shot that will be posted shortly. I am aiming for some more blog posting and updates this year.

Here are a couple of images from my most resent portrait shoot with Georgina Leahy and her pet Slinky Sebastian. If you want a beautiful portrait with you /and your beloved pet / pets send me an email for availability and rates.



More images from this shoot will be up on a post later.

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Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year.  The colours are vibrant and rich and it is still warm enough to enjoy outside activities without the heavy wear of winter clothing. 

On a late autumn day I took actress Jodie Miller out for a fall fashion shoot and we got these stunning portraits of her among the leafs. 

Jodie_Miller_Ann Charlotte Photography©-2012-3

Jodie_Miller_Ann Charlotte Photography©-2012-4

Jodie_Miller_Ann Charlotte Photography©-2012-1

Jodie_Miller_Ann Charlotte Photography©-2012-2

Model: Jodie Miller

Photography and Styling: Ann Charlotte 

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