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Gok’s fashion roadshow at Canary Wharf in London has finally aired  on Channel 4 so it is time to get the fabulous clothes from the catwalk up on my blog.

The program involves Gok Wan and Brix Smith-Start who in each episode travel to a different city and with different themes have a catwalk show with high street vs designer fashion. This time they where in the fashion capital London. And Gok did as he always does showing of a great variety of high street fashion clothes and accessories he creatively put together. The four themes for this episodes challenge was 1960s , Flamenco,  Sport Couture  and Fairytale . He used high street designers and shops  like Top Shop, H&M, Oasis, Ted Baker, Supertrash, River Island, Barnett Lawson, Freedom, New Look, French Connection, Lipsy, Fiorelli and Schuh among others for his fabulous looks.

The High fashion queen of designers Brix who was also the winner in these weeks challenge used Cutles & Gross, Missoni at Matches, Givenchy, Gina, Suzanne Neville, Basia Zarzycka, Diane Von Furstenberg, Martin Maison Margiela, Stolen Girlfriend club, Pollini, Alexander Wang and this weeks highlight Matthew Williamson for hers.

Gok,Fashion,1960s,Ann Charlotte Photography. Gok's clothes roadshow, stripes, accessories, , Cutler & Gross, Missoni, Givenchy, My tights, Gina, Ted Baker, John Lewis, Top Shop, Oasis, H&M, Carvela, Gok,Fashion,sports couture,Ann Charlotte Photography. sporty, Gok's clothes roadshow, pastel, bold, tough, hip,  House of Fraser, supertrash, River Island, H&M, Miss KG, Barnett Lawson, Freedom, Top Shop,CUtler & Gross, Diane Von Furstenberg, Elyona, Stolen Girlfriends club, Alexander wang, PolliniGok,Fashion,Flamenco,Ann Charlotte Photography. Gok's clothes roadshow, red, beautiful, Suzanne Neville, W Rouleaux, Barnett Lawson, Claire's Accessories, Beyond Retro, French Connection, Shcuh, Fiorelli

Gok,Fashion,Fairytale,Ann Charlotte Photography. Gok's clothes roadshow, Matthew Williamson, Brix Smith-Start, Givenchy, Gina, Basia Zarzycka, Diva, Supertrash, H&M, River Island, Freedom, Barnet Lawson, Top Shop

The dress To the left is made by Matthew Williams

ok,Fashion,Fairytale,Ann Charlotte Photography. Gok's clothes roadshow, Brix Smith-Start, Diva, Supertrash, H&M, River Island, Freedom, Top Shop, Barnett Lawson, Butterflyok,Fashion,Fairytale,Ann Charlotte Photography. Gok's clothes roadshow, Brix Smith-StartFlamenco,Fairytale, 1960s,Sports Couture, sporty

ok,Fashion,,Ann Charlotte Photography. Gok's clothes roadshow, Brix Smith-Start, winner Brix Smith-Start is announced the winner in the competition High Street vs Designer

In every episode Gok also transforms some neglected birds into beautiful swans. This time he picked up 3  working mums  in charge of the King’s Cross Redevelopment Programme.

Gok's clothes roadshow, Ann Charlotte Photography, fashion, Lisa, Karen, Jenny


A long queue of fashionistas was waiting with excitement to be a part of the filming of Gok Wan’s final episode for the season of Gok’s Roadshow taking place at East Winter Gardens, Canary Wharf in London. I must admit I was really exited too because I love Gok and his approach to fashion and people.

Unfortunately I can’t  put up any pictures of the hot fashion show just yet. And I don’t wanna spoil the fun until the episode has been aired but I can give you a little taste of the man himself  Gok Wan.

Fashion Tv presenter catwalk

Fashion, TV presenter,Catwalk

Tv Show, Fashion

The show Gok’s Clothes Roadshow is showing now , Tuesdays 8pm on Channel 4 and the London episode will be on TV the 15th March.