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Weekend just gone was another one of those busy exiting ones with several subjects to shoot and I ended up with a lot of Images to edit which pretty much kept me at Starbucks the whole sunday. I consumed a lot of cappuccinos (and I confess, some muffins as well) to keep both me and Starbucks happy.

I shot Rock’n’Roll/ Cabaret group Carnation Twink at The Fiddlers on friday night. Great gig with great musicians. Saturday morning I was up bright and early to do a vintage Fashion shoot I been longing to do for so long . It lasted for pretty much the whole day but I did have some time to rest before heading off to a busy Cafe’ de Paris for Dirty Sexy Things Jay Camilleri’s official birthday celebration later in the night. I have done a post with images for each shoot which will be posted right after this.

Ann Charlotte : )